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7 Ways to be Healthier Day to Day

We all know that making healthy lifestyle choices isn’t an easy thing, we make the decision to be healthier and expect it all to fall in to place instantly. When it doesn’t, we get mad at ourselves and give up, it’s a vicious cycle.

That’s why we suggest making small changes; you don’t have to implement them all at once but gradually build them into your daily routine that way you won’t feel like you’ve failed at the first hurdle. That way, when you look back you’ll be surprised at how much you have managed to achieve!

  1. Black Coffee; learning to love your coffee black will help cut calories, especially if you drink a lot. Cutting out creamer, sugar or flavorings will help you reduce those empty calories. Even better try swapping coffee for juice, quite often it can have the same stimulating effects but from a completely natural source.
  2. Avocado swap; nobody likes dry toast or dry sandwiches, try swapping out that butter or margarine for avocado. Not only will it make your sandwich delicious but it will provide you will a ton of nutrients like monounsaturated which your body needs.
  3. Parking your car; next time you go shopping, try parking further away from the entrance. If you’re anything like me and love shopping, all that extra walking and carrying of purchases will help to burn more calories on a weekly basis. Remember small changes!
  4. Swapsies; try swapping your favorite candy and snacks for healthier choices start with maybe one swap a day and as time passes increase it, try fruit or even yogurt covered fruit as long as the sugar content isn’t too high. Or try juices, they are super filling and will provide you with some great nutritional benefits.
  5. Integrate HIIT; getting bored at the gym pounding the treadmill? Try swapping out marathon runs for interval training! Short bursts for twenty minutes can burn as many calories as a 5k in some instances. As you get more confident try stepping off the treadmill and creating your own interval workout, incorporating box jumps, battle ropes etc. You’ll see a difference and perhaps be more motivated to hit the gym more often.
  6. Farmers Markets; try swapping out your trip to Wal-Mart for a trip to the farmers market. All the colorful fruits and veggies are enough to motivate anyone to eat healthy, plus the produce is often fresher, not to mention you’re supporting local business.
  7. Don’t beat yourself up; being healthy is no easy feat, and we all fall off from time to time. It’s a lifestyle change, one that demands that you give yourself time and room for mistakes. Nobody is perfect and eating that chocolate bar isn’t the end of the world.


Let us know how you get on with these tips, and remember incorporating juicing into your lifestyle is an easy change that’s both nutritious and tasty. GOOD LUCK!!

September 18, 2015 by Christopher Rosario
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